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Join us for the Dare You to Move in ‘22 Challenge. It’s simple. All you have to do is exercise for 22 minutes each day. You can walk. You can bike. You can do whatever you like. As long as it’s you moving for 22 minutes.

Whether you have been consistent like Chad (who has exercised 700+ days in a row) or need a jumpstart like Josh (who has exercised maybe 7x in the past 100 days), we want you to grow stronger with us, and the #DY2M22 challenge has a plan for you.

You can:

⁃ Jumpstart with Josh (7 Days) (free)

⁃ Consistent with Chad (28 Days) (free)

⁃ Join us at the January Jog (Sat. Jan 8th)

And you can do them all if you want! (we hope you will)


So what do you say, you ready to get STRONGER with us?

Sign up today and we’ll send you our free tracker!

To join the challenge, all you’ve gotta do is text DAREU2MOVE to 66599 or fill out the link below!