Mastermind course

Stronger Start-up Series: Financial Fundamentals to Reach Start-Up Success

The financial fundamentals, secrets, and tips business owners need to survive and thrive.

Takes businesses from an 80% failure rate to a 90% success rate. I’ve done this for 21 years with over a thousand clients.

Our Ideal Client:

  • Wants massive growth
  • DIYer to a certain point – $250k
  • Wants to learn financial tools
  • Wants a transformation
  • Revenue between $0 and $250k
  • Small business owner or just starting a business
  • Wants to build the tools needed to grow
  • Serious go-getters
  • Looking for a 90 day challenge and transformation
  • Wants to avoid or reduce taxes
  • Own a business with high positive cash flow


We host multple events for business owners, side gigers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, CEOs. The  events lead people in the business community to higher levels of success through awesome speakers and epic experiences. 

We host annual Stronger Business Summit in Oct each year. All day event = 12 speakers, 1000 in attendance, making you and your business STRONGER.

We also host smaller 1/4ly events – CEO day, Bourbon & business, etc. As well as hosting monthly “get stronger” challenges


The Stronger Business podcast is for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Audience gets to hear stories, take-aways, and tips from business owners who have achieve higher levels of success.